Weekly Links #2

Conrad Barski and James Webb: Casting SPELs in Emacs Lisp

Conrad Barski’s awesome Lisp tutorial Casting SPELs is now also available in an Emacs Lisp version, edited by James Webb. Even if Emacs Lisp is certainly not the greatest Lisp dialect, it shouldn’t matter much for a beginner’s tutorial and it sure is nice to be able to evaluate everything right in your editor.

ars technica: Tentacular, tentacular!

Cthulhu plucked a manila folder from somewhere within the non-Euclidean geometry of his manbag and dropped it on my desk with a thud.

A geeky, hilarious choose-your-own-adventure story written by Cthulhu. What else could you want for your Easter weekend.

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3 Responses to “Weekly Links #2”

  1. Mehul Says:

    April Fool’s Joke right ? Or the link is incorrect.

  2. Mehul Says:

    ok so you have a typo in the link:

    The link “Casting SPELs in Emacs Lisp” should be:


    you have it as “/casting-spoels-emacs-1.html” :)

  3. thomas11 Says:

    Oops, sorry! Fixed. I copy-pasted it, but then probably one of those 5-finger-Emacs-keystrokes got messed up :-)

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