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Land of Lisp


I’m pretty excited about an upcoming book, Conrad Barski’s Land of Lisp. The book will teach Lisp through implementing and refining a couple of games, and it will feature a back story told in lots of cartoons. Sounds like fun!

The publisher now has a video recording of Conrad’s presentation at Philly Lambda online. I watched it last night, and am even more intrigued now. Conrad shows some awesome comic panels and some really interesting code. Besides hilarious games such as Grand Theft Wumpus, lots of other software from a web server to an SVG generator will be implemented. One game will be refined in four steps, from a C-in-Lisp-syntax kind of stateful, iterative style to a truly lispy style using macros.

I had the pleasure to meet Conrad at a FringeDC meeting in September, and had a great evening with the fringers. (Not surprisingly, Conrad founded the group; not to mention created the site and all its content and drew the Alien Lisp mascot.) As you might see in the video, Conrad is a witty and unpretentious guy and I’m sure it will show in the book.