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Announcing wpmail.el


Hi Planet Emacsen, and thanks Edward!

It was only in June this year that I started to write Emacs Lisp. The first extension I wrote is wpmail.el, which I published on github but didn’t announce as I wasn’t quite happy with it. Since then, I hacked some more on it and it’s in a better shape now, so here’s the obligatory blog post.

From the file header:

An Emacs extension to make posting by e-mail to the blog hosting service easier. It might work with other wordpress installations, which I have not tried. For more information about posting to wordpress by e-mail see the support page

Documentation is a bit lacking, but here’s the gist: start a new post, possibly from the region or the buffer, with wpmail-new-post or wpmail-new-post-here. Send it with wpmail-send-post when you are done. wpmail will prompt for title and category; it will propose some titles that you can see via M-n, and it auto-completes the categories in wpmail-categories. See the documentation of these functions for details.

You can write your posts in Markdown format if you have markdown-mode installed. Set wpmail-markdown-command to your Markdown converter and posts will be converted to HTML when sending them.

I have the feeling that the documentation could be clearer. This is probably due to the fact that while I was writing wpmail.el, my ideas about the best way of using it changed.

Initially, I made it so that the very start of a blog post would be calling wpmail-new-post. It would visit a new file in wpmail-posts-dir and you’d start writing. This requires wpmail to be in charge. Then I realized that it could be less intrusive and added wpmail-new-post-here. It simply turns your current buffer into a blog post by adding a title and the wordpress shortcode directives like “status draft”. Otherwise, it’s up to you what to do with the buffer.

It works pretty well for me now, so I’m not gonna change it around again for myself anytime soon. I’d be happy about suggestions, though!

In the latest version, I also managed to get around two wordpress bugs. One was that <pre><code>, Markdown’s default markup for verbatim blocks, was being garbled.’s support was very helpful and the problem is now fixed. The other is that I remove single line breaks before sending, because while wordpress mostly ignores them (as you should in HTML), it seems to turn some into <br/>.

I hope it’s useful for someone. Let me know if that’s the case!